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About Us

Company History

Mark Melanson, the owner and founder of H2Oasis Water Features, grew up working on a farm from the age of 8 years old. With his incredible work ethic he started managing a landscaping crew where he found his love and talent for creating beautiful aquascapes. With his new love for water features Mark soon realized that the industry was lacking talented and hard working professionals such as himself. Realizing this lack of specialists and also realizing his own natural talent for the craft, he officially launched H2Oasis in 2010. Today H2Oasis provides high quality, professional, and affordable water features that are elegant, serene, and simply beautiful.

Our Philosophy

With H2Oasis you're not just hiring a plain old water feature contractor, you're hiring an artistic designer, developer and experienced professional. In addition to our artistic vision and approach we are very hardworking and driven to be effective and efficient with every project. We pride ourselves on providing you with the highest quality water feature services while doing a top notch job from the start, without wasting unnecessary time.

Our Skills & Expertise


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About Us

Mark Melanson

Business Owner
Mark is the proud owner of H2Oasis Water Features. From his incredible work ethic to his artistic vision, there’s no wonder why everyone loves Mark and the superb work he does!
About Us

Andre Melanson

Support Staff
Andre, Mark’s brother, has been working beside Mark since the early stages of the business. Andre embodies a strong work ethic with a vision for results of the highest quality.
About Us

Colby Neumeister

Website Management
Colby designs and manages the online presence for H2Oasis. He is the proud owner of Outshine, a Digital Marketing and Design Agency. Colby also shares the high quality work ethic that H2Oasis embodies.